Welcome to QLF the home of straight key amateurs who love the sound of character and can recognise each other by the “fist”.

QLF – “Are you sending with your left foot? Try sending with your left foot!” A humorously derogatory comment about the quality of a person’s sending”

No auto-paddle-keyer with rock-solid PLL/TCO here. We revel in slight chirps and drifting around the receive bandwidth.

“Wonkyness Transcends Perfection.”

Example of fine work:  

We are full supporters of QTT (Quality Telegraphy Time) – Quality not Quantity = Rag Chew not 599 TU.

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You get enrolled in the worshipful society of QLF operators (est. 2023) and published to the honour roll; you can see our current member list here:

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4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Rich

    To further the publicity of this erstwhile group, please check out the following link on the “QRPer Board”… it may generate interest from other wonkey keyers – I was going to use a slang term, but realised it could be misinterped if miss heard or spelled!


    Rich M0RGM

  2. g4ojw

    Heroic compatriots of the CW chivalry and valor brigades! I’m excited to join the Quixote Liberation Front and will etch QLF onto my swords and launch into battles and tilts against the DEtested CONtesters and 5NN wherever it appears to manifest itself, rock stable T9X signals which might actually be a new FT9 mode masquerading as CW, the Reactionary Society of Gordon Bennet, and other enemies of the carrier waves, interrupted or not. Forward to victory! – Don QLFTTD

  3. G0KZZ

    Hmm, I’m puzzled by the sonogram at the head of this topic. The “RST 5” bit makes sense enough, but what about the last character?

    “- – – .” is a continental character, and depending upon the language it could represent “Ö Ø Ó or Ч”.

    Unless it’s an example of “wonkyness”! 🙂

    73, Mark…


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