Character signal from the Low Lands

I had the great pleasure of working Hans, PA2MT last night, on 80M, who was in a caravan in the Low Lands ( de Lage Landen ).   He was using a PRC320 Clansman and there was some noticeable chirp but you know how we love a little chirp on this site as it adds true “character” to the signal.

Hans also reports that he was using a leg-mounted key 🙂   Way to go, Hans, however, this makes it impossible to TOF ( try other foot ) as QLF members oft tell each other to do! 🙂

I had worked Hans before; previously he was operating a SEG-15D transceiver, these originated in Eastern Germany where they were manufactured for the Marine/Military markets.

Clansman PRC320

Clansman PRC320

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